We are looking for strong partners, who are interested in focusing on the same goal we are: Bringing the professional E-Sport into the middle of the society all around the world, especially Germany.

When you are interested in cooperating with a professional partner, don't hesitate to contact us: info@nani-esports.com

Becoming a [NaNi] sponsor?
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Does the NaNi team rly know what they are doing?

In short: Hell yes!

NaNi E-Sports GmbH belongs to Bettzig Media GmbH.

Bettzig Media is a successful media & publishing agency, seated in Hamburg. We are publishing Cross-Media campaigns to different topics all over Germany (find out more here).


Marketing is in our blood. 

Check our latest Gaming & E-Sport campaigns:

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E-Paper - 2020
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We know the Gaming & E-Sport market very well, are marketing professionals, excellent connected to the important actors in the branch, but most importantly:


We are gamers by heart! 

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